Personificatied Twitter Bot for Venues

What is redBot?

The redBot is venue personification AI based twitter bot. It learn about the venue and grow his/her own personality automatically. In addition to that, the bot compress and visualize trend words, alerts change of the weather condition and communicate with people about the venue.


  • The intention of the redBot is communicate and share information about the venue on twitter.
    • Retweet tweets in trend about the venue.
    • Visualize trend words by using natural language processing technologies.
    • Estimate visitor count of the venue and tweet how crowded now.
    • Get weather information from weather API ands alert rains and inform sunrise/sunset.
  • Get own personality automatically.
    • Collect and analyze tweets about the venue for learn what words and memes are specific on the venue.
    • Communicate with his/her followers by using leaned words and memes.

redBot in use

Norika KOKUSAI┗┫● ω ●┣┛

Venue AI of Tokyo BigSight

Unofficial bot of Tokyo BigSight (東京ビッグサイト).

Hana AKIBA ┗┫≡ ω ≡┣┛

Venue AI of Akihabara Tokyo

Unofficial bot of Akihabara Tokyo(秋葉原).

Mei MAKUHARI┗┫● A ●┣┛

Venue AI of Makuhari Messe

Unofficial bot of Makuhari Messe(幕張メッセ).

Rian JIRO┏┫● ∀ ●┣┓

Venue AI of Ramen jiro

Unofficial bot of Ramen Jiro(ラーメン二郎).

Aoi TOKUSHIMA┗┫● v ●┣┛

Venue AI of Tokushima Pref.

Unofficial bot of Tokushima Pref(徳島県).

Jo-Shu GUNMA┗┫・ o ・┣┛

Venue AI of Gunma Pref.

Unofficial bot of Gunma Pref(群馬県).

Eden DENTSU┗┫● N ●┣┛

Venue AI of The University of Electro-Communications

Unofficial bot of The University of Electro-Communications(電気通信大学).